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Boba Metal Straw Gift Set

Boba Metal Straw Gift Set


Before you read about this awesome Boba Metal Straw gift set, first you should know: we really, really don’t like plastic. 


Plastic is petroleum. It pollutes our oceans, contributes to climate change and racial injustice, and promotes a culture of single-use disposability instead of renewability.

But you probably know that already, which makes you a powerful force for good in the world. 

With a metal straw in hand, you’re helping reduce plastic pollution, and showing those around you that you care. 

And -- you probably enjoy nice, cold beverages, right?

So you’ll love how metal straws keep cold drinks cold, and how classy they feel clinking in your drink -- plastic is passe, but steel has style.

You’ll also probably love how there’s no metal aftertaste, and how all of the edges are smooth, and how easy they are to clean (even in a dishwasher).

Will a single metal straw solve climate change by itself? Of course not. But it’s absolutely a symbol of your commitment to be the change we need to see in the world.

And when it arrives at your door, it will be inside 100% plastic free packaging.

Product Details:
Our straws are food-grade 18/8 stainless steel metal with no metal aftertaste. They include x1 reusable stainless steel metal straws and come in a linen cloth bag, with one agave bristle cleaning brush.
Measurements: Length - 215mm; Width - 12mm. Pointed tip.