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Our Story

Shuki is a California-based social impact company hyper-focused on eliminating plastic pollution.

Shuki launched in Los Angeles, California on Earth Day 2018, after co-founders Julia and Max were upset about the seemingly-unavoidable barrage of single-use plastics in their daily lives, and larger impact that plastic pollution was having on human health and our planet. As their deep concern for the plastic pollution crisis grew, so did their resolve to do more about it.

Our work aims to shift consumer awareness of the problematic products and materials found in our daily lives, while empowering consumers to produce less waste both in their homes, and while on-the-go. 

We offer reusable products to folks who want to, “be the change.” These products allow our customers to take a meaningful step towards reducing the manufacture, sales, and disposal of single-use items. 

We are committed to serve vulnerable communities impacted by the plastic pollution crisis, namely frontline communities including women of color, who are disproportionately affected by fossil fuel extraction and production.

We see this focus as a powerful first step in directly mitigating the issue, and bringing more awareness to people's consumption habits.

Plastic pollution is not just in our oceans -- it affects virtually every ecosystem and community on Earth. Plastics pollution is an environmental justice issue. We know that pollution in water supplies -- from Standing Rock, to the BP Oil Spill, to New Orleans’ “Cancer Alley” -- directly impacts low-income communities and communities of color the hardest. We must work to create opportunities for everyone, while recognizing that there is no such thing as "garbage" -- just resources out of place.

- Julia and Max