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California Bans Plastic Straws

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On September 20th, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB1884. This statewide bill, sponsored by California Majority Assembly Leader Ian Calderon, will reduce single-use plastic straws at dine-in restaurants beginning January 1, 2019. 

“Plastic has helped advance innovation in our society, but our infatuation with single-use convenience has led to disastrous consequences. Plastics, in all forms — straws, bottles, packaging, bags, etc. — are choking our planet.” 

      - California Governor Jerry Brown


Photo by Shelby O'Neil. Featuring Assemblymen Ian Calderon

Photo by Shelby O'Neil. Featuring Assemblymen Ian Calderon


This bill will prohibit full-service, dine-in restaurants from offering single-use plastic straws unless requested by customers. Violations will result in a notice, and any subsequent violation will be an infraction punishable by a fine of $25 for each day, but not to exceed an annual total of $300.


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Thank you Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon (D-Whittier), Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D–Santa Monica), and Governor Jerry brown (D-California) for your leadership! There is still much work to be done, and we are happy to know that California is moving in the right direction.