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Market Insider - Responding to Trump's Plastic Straws, Bernie Sanders Supporters Launch "Trump Sucks" Metal Straws

Posted by Max Goldberg on

 Aug. 5, 2019, 06:00 AM

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- At a time when cities, countries, and companies around the world are banning plastic straws because of the harm they cause to the environment and human health, Donald Trump's reelection campaign has begun selling them as merchandise.

This was the last straw for self-described progressive Democrats Julia Jaye Posin and Max Goldberg, who happened to own a reusable metal straw company, Steel Straw.

"It felt like a cruel slap in the face. It's unbelievable how low Trump will go," says Max Goldberg, co-founder at Steel Straw. "We decided to launch a new line of metal straws that represent our values for the 2020 presidential election."

Steel Straw now sells metal straws colored Democratic blue, with laser-engraved text reading the pun, "Trump Sucks." Another of their new straws reads the name of their preferred candidate: "Bernie".

The new metal straws have the following features: 

  • They come in two laser-engraved versions, with "Trump Sucks" text, or the Bernie Sanders campaign logo.
  • They're plastic free, and made of food-grade reusable stainless steel.
  • Each straw is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and comes with a cleaning brush.

"Plastic garbage like Trump straws are made from fossil fuels. At this rate, by 2050 twenty percent of global oil production will be used to make plastic. It's unacceptable," says Julia Jaye Posin, co-founder at Steel Straw. "We need Bernie Sanders and the Green New Deal so American companies like ours -- small, middle-class, family-owned, green businesses -- can succeed while doing our part for the planet."

A Washington Post/ABC News poll in July showed 62% of Americans disapproving of Trump's climate change position, with only 29% approving.

National Geographic estimates 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the U.S. every day. In response, cities like Seattle and states like California have passed legislation limiting or banning their use.

"It's a huge opportunity to get reusable straws into the lips of people who want to be the change," says Goldberg. "Our metal straws bring awareness to people's plastic consumption, and now hopefully to their votes too."

The new Bernie straws and Trump Sucks straws are available for pre-sale now at for $7.27 with free shipping starting in August 2019.

Posin and Goldberg pledge to use 50% or more of the revenue from these straws to max out their personal donations to the Bernie Sanders campaign (which does not accept corporate donations), and support phone banking and canvassing events leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

About Steel Straw: Steel Straw is a California-based social impact company hyper-focused on eliminating plastic pollution. The company was launched on Earth Day in 2018.


SOURCE Steel Straw Incorporated

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