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Artisan Spork Kit

Artisan Spork Kit


Our handmade cutlery is thoughtfully crafted piece by piece from sustainably-harvested mango wood by fair trade artisans in North Central India, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Contained in a pouch handmade in Los Angeles from old stock fabric.

Our cutlery is crafted slowly, in small batches, and without any petroleum based products.  

Each piece of cutlery is one of a kind, just like a snowflake, and just like you!

Kit includes: Spork, Pouch, Cutlery Care Card

Caring for your cutlery

  • For everyday cleaning: Gently hand-wash wooden cutlery using warm water & mild dish soap. Towel dry excess water immediately, then let air dry.
  • To remove stains or odor from wooden cutlery: Soak in equal parts warm water & vinegar, with a splash of lemon juice, for up to 30 minutes.
  • To remove roughness from wooden cutlery: While dry, gently smooth the wood surface using fine sandpaper or fine steel wool.
  • To extend the life of wooden cutlery: Periodically apply up to a teaspoon non-petroleum-based wood oil.