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Trump Sucks Straw

Trump Sucks Straw



Donald Trump’s hateful presidential campaign sold Trump-branded plastic straws. It’s a cruel slap in the face to Americans who understand that plastic pollution is a major environmental & human health crisis. Plastic (like Trump's straws) is made from fossil fuels.

Well, we’re a couple of progressive Democrats who just happen to own a reusable metal straw company. So, we made "TRUMP SUCKS" STRAWS to show the world that Americans don’t want single-use plastic -- we don't want Trump politics!

- Our REUSABLE metal straws are food-grade 18/8 stainless steel metal. 

 - No metal aftertaste. 

 - BPA Free. 

 - Smooth edges.

 - Metal straws are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, rust and scratch proof.

 - Measurements:  Length - 215mm; Width - 6mm


It’s unbelievable how low Trump will go. Americans deserve better than Donald Trump. We deserve a President who puts people over profits and understands that climate change is our biggest national security threat.

Show your support for our planet. Order reusable metal TRUMP SUCKS STRAW now!


*NOTE: We're not associated with any campaign.